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Group aims to end collective bargaining for public employees

Posted Feb 02, 2011 by   

Sacramento Bee

A Santa Barbara-based organization that wants to end union representation of California government employees has revved up its campaign contribution collection machinery for a run at putting the idea to a statewide vote.

Although Secretary of State records indicate that Californians for Public Union Reform hasn't reported that it has taken in any money yet -- it just filed with the state last week -- it is positioning itself to accept contributions with an aim toward putting an initiative on the ballot next year.

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Medi-Cal patients would pay more and have limited doctor visits under governor's proposal

Posted Jan 11, 2011 by   

Medi-Cal patients would have new mandatory co-pays and limits on their prescriptions and doctor visits.

Doctors and nursing homes would be hit with a 10 percent cut in Medi-Cal reimbursements.

And state funding for adult day health care would be eliminated, making it tougher for thousands of frail seniors to remain in their homes.

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We helped make the Brown victory happen!

Posted Dec 16, 2010 by   

When Governor-elect Jerry Brown told me at a recent fundraiser that he intended to defend the defined benefit pension system, I was reassured that CSEA Retirees had made the right decision to support Brown in the November election.

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Jerry Brown pledges to pursue 'common purpose' as governor

Posted Nov 04, 2010 by   

The most expensive non-presidential race in U.S. history ended Tuesday with Democrat Jerry Brown back in the Governor's Office after surviving more than $160 million in campaign spending by Republican Meg Whitman.

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Zero Cost-of-Living Adjustment to Impact Most Vulnerable Older Adults

Posted Oct 15, 2010 by   

WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The release of today's zero cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by the Social Security Administration (SSA) presents yet another daunting challenge for millions of older adults who are still struggling to make ends meet in today's economy.

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Calif. high court upholds Schwarzenegger furloughs

Posted Oct 12, 2010 by   

The California Supreme Court's ruling Monday upholding Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's order to furlough state workers ends an 18-month budget distraction and puts more pressure on public employee unions to negotiate benefit rollbacks with the administration.

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The choice is clear – Brown for governor!

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by   

The race for California governor will be very close, agree all of the election pollsters.

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An ugly, temporary answer to California's intractable budget problems

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by   

It was another prolonged Sacramento production, full of bickering, posturing and inaction that led to the latest state budget in modern history and provided a convenient target for the gubernatorial candidates, who say things would be different if they were in charge.

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Seniors brace for 2nd year with no Social Security increase

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by   

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — Seniors prepared to cut back on everything from food to charitable donations to whiskey as word spread Monday that they will have to wait until at least 2012 to see their Social Security checks increase.

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Pension rollbacks part of proposed California budget

Posted Oct 08, 2010 by   

State workers hired in mid-November and later will have to wait longer to get their pensions – and those pensions will be smaller – under terms of the budget bill lawmakers plan to vote on today.

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