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Medi-Cal patients would pay more and have limited doctor visits under governor's proposal

Posted Jan 11, 2011 by    categoryState Economy categoryPolitics

Medi-Cal patients would have new mandatory co-pays and limits on their prescriptions and doctor visits.

Doctors and nursing homes would be hit with a 10 percent cut in Medi-Cal reimbursements.

And state funding for adult day health care would be eliminated, making it tougher for thousands of frail seniors to remain in their homes.

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We helped make the Brown victory happen!

Posted Dec 16, 2010 by    categoryPolitics

When Governor-elect Jerry Brown told me at a recent fundraiser that he intended to defend the defined benefit pension system, I was reassured that CSEA Retirees had made the right decision to support Brown in the November election.

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Jerry Brown pledges to pursue 'common purpose' as governor

Posted Nov 04, 2010 by    categoryPolitics

The most expensive non-presidential race in U.S. history ended Tuesday with Democrat Jerry Brown back in the Governor's Office after surviving more than $160 million in campaign spending by Republican Meg Whitman.

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The choice is clear – Brown for governor!

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by    categoryPolitics

The race for California governor will be very close, agree all of the election pollsters.

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An ugly, temporary answer to California's intractable budget problems

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by    categoryPolitics

It was another prolonged Sacramento production, full of bickering, posturing and inaction that led to the latest state budget in modern history and provided a convenient target for the gubernatorial candidates, who say things would be different if they were in charge.

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Pension rollbacks part of proposed California budget

Posted Oct 08, 2010 by    categoryState Economy categoryPolitics categoryRetirement

State workers hired in mid-November and later will have to wait longer to get their pensions – and those pensions will be smaller – under terms of the budget bill lawmakers plan to vote on today.

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California Legislature heads toward passage of a budget

Posted Oct 08, 2010 by    categoryLegislation categoryPolitics

On the 99th night of the fiscal year, California lawmakers were still debating late Thursday whether to pass a budget, already the latest spending plan in state history.

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SEIU, Schwarzenegger agree to labor pact with pension concessions

Posted Oct 07, 2010 by    categoryLegislation categoryPolitics

The Schwarzenegger administration and Service Employees International Union Local 1000 have just announced a tentative labor agreement that includes higher employee contributions to their retirement plans and rolls back pension formulas for new hires to pre-1999 levels.

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