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Governor signs CSR-endorsed bills

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Governor signs CSR-endorsed bills

Gov. Brown signed five bills in October that are beneficial to senior citizens and supported by California State Retirees (CSR).

Of the 896 bills the Legislature sent the governor this year before adjourning in September, the governor signed 800 and vetoed 96, according to Ted Toppin, legislative advocate for CSR. The approved bills go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

The five signed bills supported by CSR are:

AB 140 (Dickinson, D-Sacramento) – Expands the definition of “undue influence” in current law to increase protections for seniors and dependents from the excessive persuasion of others. The bill lays out several factors that a court shall consider in determining whether the persuasion was "excessive" and whether it led to an "inequity." That is, they look to the vulnerability of the victim; the apparent authority of the influencer; the influencer's tactics and the settings in which the persuasion took place; and the equity of the result in light of the victim's intent and the value of the things exchanged.
AB 247 (Wagner, R-Irvine) – Allows taxpayers to continue to contribute on their tax returns to the California Fund for Senior Citizens which supports the Senior Legislature’s work on behalf of seniors.
AB 373 (Mullin, D-San Mateo) – Allows domestic partners and adult children to sign up for CalPERS Long-Term Care Program.
AB 707 (Ting, D-San Francisco) – Facilitates funding for “senior” pedestrian warning signs to help reduce senior pedestrian fatalities. "Senior slow zones" are not widely used because of questions about how local governments might fund the required signage. This bill simplifies the process of obtaining the signs and helps protect seniors by making drivers aware of areas that may have large numbers of senior pedestrians.
AB 918 (Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova) – Requires the Office of Emergency Services to develop best practices to mobilize and evacuate people with disabilities during an emergency or natural disaster.

Additionally, the governor signed AB 478 (Gomez, D-Los Angeles), ratifying the Memoranda of Understanding agreed to by the state and seven state bargaining units in the weeks prior to the Legislature’s adjournment. The bargaining units that had their agreements ratified by AB 478 are California Correctional Peace Officers Association, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, Professional Engineers in California Government, International Union of Operating Engineers, Union of American Physicians and Dentists, California Association of Psychiatric Technicians and the healthcare professionals represented by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.

The lengthy agreements and their summaries can be found on the CalHR homepage – calhr.ca.gov – and go to “Bargaining Contracts” under the Popular Links section.

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